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•Cyndi Circle Photography•

Just a few things about your photographer/designer: I miss Grape Pop Tarts and no, Wild Berry or Blueberry do not taste the same. Huey Lewis and the News are truly the heart of rock and roll. I cannot attend a sporting event without a camera as I love taking sports photos and get fidgety if I have to sit still. I grew up on a farm with a Dad who taught Science, a Mom who was a beautician (as was my Grandma) a brother who was well, my favorite little brother. Both of my Grandmas were artistic and I received many of their gifts of talent. My Grandfathers shared their wonder of the world and sense of humor with me. I am a font freak and love to paint signs. I married my high school sweetheart twenty-two years after we graduated. In my life I've been a skating rink floor guard, a clown, a play director, a teacher, a designer, a Mom and now a Mimi to two energetic little boys! Along with all of the other occupations and jobs I've enjoyed, one thing they have all had in common is my camera - it's always there. You're just a click away from a memory. . .





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